RemarRRC provides


and narration services with the global translation networks with about 20 staffs. Are you having problems with translation into Japanese? Please contact us!
- We accept translations between languages for the U.S. military and MCCS in Okinawa.
- We can provide translations in 76 languages, now.
- 382,500 foreign tourists visited Okinawa in 2013. Have you prepared translated website and documents for foreign customers?
- We become a member of The Japan Federation of the translation(c14012901).(20th, Mar)
- We began corresponding native Translation Arabic, Thai, and Vietnamese. (21st, Nov).
[0] Introduction.
Do you want to enter Japan's gigantic market? Most Japanese are having trouble reading foreign languages, even English or Chinese. You, then, might have to prepare your material in Japanese.

When translating into


, it is a good idea to have a native Japanese speaker as the final translation checker. The difference between a native and a non-native speaker is often very apparent in the final translation. So, if you need anything translated into Japanese, leave it to us!

[1] High Level Translations
Russian representative Andrei.
So as to knead a charm into the text to make it something like a novel....Creative translation.
Have you ever seen "a menu written in a language you understand but it makes no sense" or "a brochure with only words randomly arranged" when you are abroad? It might give you a good laugh, but at the same time it conveys "services of mental discomfort, words that are not eager to sell" and implies "It's a store with no consideration given to travelers from abroad."
We at Remar RRC offer our customers translations that are correct but also appealing. We call it "creative translation"
Interworking Japanese unique and historical cultures and backgrounds customs ... Double Native check.
For us, it is very important to
double check
every translation. To raise the quality even further, we think it is important to use native speakers for both


. For example, when translating from French to Japanese, a French Japanese
and a Japanese French bilingual will do the translation. That way we can ensure that expressions, idioms and the cultural touch do not get lost in translation. This is what we call "double-native check".
Okinawa, high-quality translation company ... multinational foreign population RemarRRC.
and the global translation network.

We provide you high-quality translation services.

Service fees
[Translation service fees]
Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)

JPY 11~
JPY 11~
JPY 11~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
[Narration fees]
within 2 hours
within 4 hours
within 6 hours
within 8 hours

  • JPY 10,000- for every hour thereafter.
  • If you use the studio for narration recording, studio fee is JPY 5,000- per hour is added.
  • Transportation fees are not included and starts from JPY 5,000-

JPY 50,000-
JPY 70,000-
JPY 90,000-
JPY 110,000-
  • The lowest order value: JPY 20,000~
  • Translation discounts are possible. Feel free to contact us for more information.

[Frequently Asked Questions]
Q. I am on a quite low budget right now. Is it a bad idea to contact you?
A. Please contact us first. We are always open for discussion!
[About the original manuscript]
If the original document is in paper form or sent in by FAX, the document will have to be converted to data and an additional fee is charged. So, please send us the original document by Email if possible.
Estimated data conversion fee is US$25/A4 but depends on the amount of characters per page.

[About highly specialized translations]
Extra charges will be applied to law, patent, finance, politics, medicine, IT, electrical, industrial, bio, direct, chemical, construction, environment, marine, scientific, IR, and advertising documents concerning the translations are highly specialized.

For documents translations.
We will also translate the types of documents listed below.
  • Business documents without any necessary certificate.
  • Business certificates and official documents of our translators.
  • Official documents where notarized certification is needed.
  • Official documents of Apostille.
We will support the certificate with a variety of professional translations depending on the application.
Before submitting your request
We do not provide any machine translations. All translations are written by native speakers.
* Bilingual correspondence is possible for some languages.

* The final translation will be delivered as a Excel and/or Word document.

Please check before requesting a translation.
  • Languages (From XXX to XXX).
  • Appointed day of delivery.
  • Usage (General documents, business documents, professional books, contracts, or public documents).
  • Number of characters (We will count after receiving the data, but if possible, please let us know the approximate number).
  • Presence or absence of digital data (If there is no data, Input fees are added. *Approximately price: US$40 / A4 size).
  • Whether you can send the data by e-mail.
If you are looking for a translation company in Japan ... Contact us, your RFQ
Please contact "the translation division." of Japan Federation of the translation regular member Remar Pro. Ltd.
Mail form is... all´╝á
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Some of our Works
Some of our works. Will be presented at the end of each year.
2014 Print Leaflet (Revised) and Brochure for Shuri Castle Park (English, Korean(traditional and simplified) Chinese) translation.
2013 Ishigaki city government office.... Tourism Portal site (English)....Translation and Web Construction.
2013 Hebaru government office.... Tourism Portal site (Portuguese, Spanish, English, Korean, (traditional and simplified) Chinese)....Translation and Web Construction.
2013 Itoman city government office.... Tourism Portal site (Portuguese, Spanish, English, Korean, (traditional and simplified) Chinese)....Translation and Web Construction.
2013 Naha tourism database English translation.
2012 Okinawa Story (OCVB) Multilingual renewal, (Russian French Portuguese)....Translation and Web Construction.
2011 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau sponsored, Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg sales call dedicating interpretation
2011 Russia travel agency FAM tour produced interpretation.
2011 St. Petersburg travel agency FAM tour produced interpretation.
2010 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau sponsored, Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg sales call dedicating interpreter in charge.
2010 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau sponsored, Russia Travel Expo "MITT" Okinawa Prefecture Okinawa exhibit responsible
2010 Okinawa Information Web site (OCVB)
2009 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) sponsored
"How service to customers from abroad (Introduction) Seminar" Teachers in charge (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea).
"How service to customers from abroad (introduction) for taxi crew seminars" Teachers in charge (Taiwan, South Korea).
2009World Cultural Heritage "Sefa-Utaki" translation and narration in charge of native (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean) .... Nanjo city government office.
2009Sefa-Utaki guidance with the mobile terminal (iPod touch, mobile phone) .... Nanjo city government office.
2009 The minutes of the proceedings of OIST meeting
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